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The Golden Curry Restaurant

+44 1843 295658
63 Northdown Rd, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 2RJ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best WLM Reviews

This is the worst food I have ever had
Only 3 customers in there . Took 10 mins to get a lemonade.20
Mins to get a coffee . Starter took over a hour to come my wife and I left half of it not nice at all . Then waited for the main another 30 mins to come
In between the starter my wife ordered another lemonade which never came
By this time I lost the will to live naan
Bread was terrible burnt
Food was gross . All this with only 3 customers in there hate to
Think what it would be with a full house
Don’t even bother
Going there was a joke
We have been going here for years, the best curry house in Thanet, ok so the service can be a little bit slow on occasions but the food is unbelievable you must try this place
Ordered at 745 OK Saturday night, but told 30 to 45 mins, great, 2 hours and still waiting???? Phoned and on it way, still waiting, we've Ordered pizza.
Hussein Veggie Menu very tasty and plentiful portions. Very friendly and prompt service. Love the sea murals too!
We have been to this restaurant for a long time over the years but over the last couple the food as gone down.just had a dinner tonight with my daughter and her partner and had to throw most off it away the chicken was like rubber and the lamb tikka was so fatty could not eat. and did not get what I ordered very disappointed i won't be going ever again might as well chucked my money down the toilet
Went with my granddaughter on 28th May while visiting Cliftonville. Had booked a table. Upon arrival the lovely waitress had decorated our table with dove and hearts confetti. She was so friendly and helpful. Food was delicious, we were choosy and they catered to us very well.
I mean, first of all, the food was good, when it eventually arrived. There was a group of 4 people waiting before we arrived, for a reservation, around 9:15pm... The waitress, who seemed lovely but inebriated, took our order fairly promptly, and then it was LITERALLY about an hour and a half before we got our order. There's one elderly man who cooks, no matter how many people there are. When the food arrived, he barely knew what was what, so people got the wrong dishes. None of us minded that much, but it was SO slow and confusing. If he trains someone to work with him, it'll be a good restaurant.
Food OK but after waiting an hour and then only 2 out of 3 plates of food arrived. Chef forgot about 3rd persons food. Another 20 mins later 3rd dish appeared by which point I had sent 1st 2 plates back and I refused to pay. Chef wasn't happy and aggressively said to me, if I was a man he would he would punch me in the face. Appauling service and disgusting and threatening behaviour.

Quick Facts About The Golden Curry Restaurant

The Golden Curry Restaurant has received a mix of positive and negative comments about their food and service. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, it is important to delve into each comment individually.
Beginning with the negative comments, one customer stated that the food was the worst they had ever had. This indicates a major weakness in the quality of their dishes. Additionally, the same customer mentioned the long wait times for beverages, starters, and main courses. This highlights another weakness in the restaurant's service efficiency. The customer also expressed disappointment over the burnt naan bread and described the overall food as "gross." These comments further emphasize the weakness in the food quality.
Another negative comment mentioned that there were only three customers in the restaurant, yet the service was still slow. This could indicate a lack of staff or poor management, leading to slow service even during low-volume periods. Additionally, the customer mentioned that their wife's order was never fulfilled, indicating a clear weakness in communication and attention to detail.
Moving on to the positive comments, one customer described The Golden Curry Restaurant as the best curry house in Thanet. This indicates a major strength in their ability to deliver high-quality dishes. The customer did acknowledge that the service can be slow at times, suggesting that it is not always a weakness but rather an occasional occurrence.
Another positive comment praised the vegetarian menu and described the portions as tasty and plentiful. The prompt and friendly service was also highlighted as a strength. Additionally, the customer expressed admiration for the sea murals, indicating that the restaurant's ambiance and decor are positive attributes.
The final positive comment praised the friendly and helpful waitress, as well as the delicious food. The customer also noted that the restaurant accommodated their specific preferences.
Based on the comments provided, it is clear that The Golden Curry Restaurant has both strengths and weaknesses. The positive comments highlight their ability to deliver delicious food, offer friendly and prompt service, cater to vegetarian options, and create a pleasant ambiance. However, the negative comments reveal weaknesses in the food quality, long wait times, inefficiency in fulfilling orders, and poor communication.
In order to improve, The Golden Curry Restaurant should prioritize improving the quality of their dishes, ensuring prompt and efficient service even during low-volume periods, and enhancing their communication and attention to detail. By addressing these weaknesses, they can further capitalize on their existing strengths and establish themselves as a top-notch curry house in Thanet.

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