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I went to Orlando Smiles almost 2 years ago in an emergency. The first few visits went well. Then unfortunately COVID set in and they were closed. Since then when they were reopen it has been anything but a good experience. Long story short it will be 2 years next month and I'm still waiting for a final impression to be done and get my permanent bridge! I had to pay everything up front which was not cheap! I was there right before Thanksgiving for a scheduled appointment...only the doctor was there. I told her how frustrating it was trying to finish up my work. She assured me there was no problem and she would call me the first week in December. It is now mid January and I have not heard from her. I have gone up to the office twice...it's in darkness. The receptionist next door said no one is ever there. When you call you get a recording saying voice mail is not set up. Anyone know how to get in touch with these people?
I had went in for an extraction and the lady at the front I think her name is Stacy got me right. She informed me of all the costs that came with the procedure and fit me in to the busy schedule. So when I came in I was put into a room and the doctor came in and did the procedure. After she was done up the ladies at the front gave me instructions and told me to call if I had any problems. I had to come back a week later for post op and I was all good. Honestly the best experience at a dentist I ever had 11/5 stars
Such an amazing Dentist and Staff! She really cares about her patients. I scheduled my appointment and got in that day. Everyone was so nice and caring. Good dentists are not easy to come by so I was very glad that I found her. She made me feel so comfortable and helped me greatly with my dental emergency. I just can't thank her enough! I plan to have more work done and she's the one I'll call.
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If I could I would give 0 star. My husband had a very bad toothache since last night we called and set up the appointment for him. First he was seen an hour late after I started questioning the front desk girl. Then Dr informed us that they have some technical issues that's taking long to see patients. We said OK to it and waited patiently for next 30minutes. After that she started the procedure. The Dr was clearly short of staff and taking care of patients by her self back and forth. The receptionist asked me that Dr will do the extraction so I have to pay (we do not have insurance and we were paying cash). I already paid $200 when we walked. She informed us that it will be $395 for extraction, so total of $595 for a single tooth extraction. I request the Dr to see if she can do any better. She gave us a discount and asked to pay total of $525. My husband was in pain on the bed and I just want him to feel better so I agreed and told her to get this done. Extraction was done and we came home with prescribed meds. After 2 hours his pain came back more than before. I called the office to spoke with Dr and they said that Dr will call back in next 15 to 20 minutes. Dr called and informed that this is very normal and will be like that for next 48 hours as the infection is really bad. I was not satisfied and contact another Dr to see him. The other Dr saw him and found 3 small and 1 big piece of tooth. Also cleaned the extraction site. As soon as the pieces were out my husband felt better. This Dr charged me just $50.
I was so upset when I saw those pieces. We paid double the amount and still didn't receive the service we should be getting. Awful experience. I would not recommend anyone to see them for any big or small dental issue.
Tony has been my family and friends dentist for over 20 years. He has always taken care of our cleanings, pulls, fillings, braces, veneers and other services with no problems, ever... He has always treated us fairly and has always been there for our emergencies with our kids and grand-kids. I have always seen their office as the most friendly, and talented out there. I've even seen their excellent written customer testimonials on their office wall. I would suggest calling their office or visiting them, as I would suggest for any family dentistry. Some of their customers testimonials are on their website. Thanks for being our family's dentist.
Be aware of the good reviews! Its a horrible office!
I'm from Brazil and by far is the worst dentist I have ever being in my entire life!
First I saw a cockroach at the bathroom, I had and appointment at 11 and I was waiting almost 1 hour at the waiting room, and another 40 minutes at the dentist chair inside, the equipment and decoration, like the dentist chair or anything you look around you is very old like from the 80's and the dentists chair smells bad. Even the tool she used looked antique and worn out.
After the tooth extraction they didn't use any antibiotic locally or fiber to help rebuild the bone, stitches or anything, and before the extraction they didn't clean the area neither... and it was 400 dollars for the extraction + x-ray.
Really overpriced for the type and quality of the service. The pain killer they prescribed didn't work. And one of my lower front tooth became crocked during the procedure, but the tooth I removed was on the back. Don't ask me how the dentist manage to do that. It was brutal.
I don't trust the hygiene and I think they save a lot of money on not doing all the steps they should.
We had just arrived in FL for a 2 week vacation when my husband's temporary crown fell off. Lovely, right?? I went onto Google and searched emergency dentists in Orlando and picked Orlando Smiles because of the reviews. It was a great choice! They were close, waited for us to get there, were very concerned that he was in no pain, and took care of the problem in less than an hour. The staff and Doctor were very professional and seemed very caring. It wasn't cheap, but we'll deal with our insurance when we get home (I believe they also will work with your insurance - I didn't ask so not sure). Overall - a great experience! He's "fixed" and we're off to continue enjoying our vacation! Thanks Dr. Heggannavar!!!!
Broke a tooth on a Sat, yeah they got me in the next morning but they're way over priced n dentist wouldn't even pull the teeth until I gave a "good" review! She literally walked away, with me sitting in the chair n already numb, 3 times to check if I had left a review yet. Only after I left the review, did she come back and finally pull the teeth. My face/jaw was swollen for well over a week, took 2 days for my gums to stop bleeding cos she ripped 2 teeth out at once n left a huge hole n tears/rips on the side of my gums! Was by far the worse experience I've ever had with a dentist. Definitely will not be going back there and don't recommend this place to anyone. The only pleasant experience here, was the dental assistant/hygienist, she was very nice n helpful.

Quick Facts About Orlando Smiles Inc

Orlando Smiles Inc has a mix of positive and negative comments, which can provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the dental practice.
On the positive side, many reviewers express satisfaction with the staff and dentist at Orlando Smiles Inc. One reviewer mentions that the staff is nice and caring, and another reviewer praises the dentist for being attentive and helpful during a dental emergency. These comments suggest that the practice has friendly and compassionate staff members who prioritize patient care.
Additionally, one reviewer mentions that Orlando Smiles Inc was able to fit them into their busy schedule for an extraction and that the procedure went well. Another reviewer states that they have been going to the practice for over 20 years without any problems and that the dentist has always treated them fairly. These comments indicate that the practice is experienced and capable of performing various dental procedures with positive outcomes.
However, there are several negative comments that highlight areas where Orlando Smiles Inc may need improvement. One reviewer mentions a lack of communication and follow-up after an emergency visit, stating that they have been waiting for a final impression and permanent bridge for almost two years. This comment suggests that the practice may struggle with timely and efficient completion of treatments.
Another negative comment mentions excessive wait times, outdated equipment, and a lack of cleanliness. The reviewer points out that they saw a cockroach in the bathroom, had to wait for a long time in the waiting room and at the dentist chair. They also criticize the worn-out equipment and appearance of the office. These comments suggest that Orlando Smiles Inc may need to improve their organizational and hygiene practices to provide a better patient experience.
Furthermore, one reviewer had a negative experience with pricing and treatment. They felt that the extraction was overpriced and that necessary steps, such as the use of antibiotics and proper cleaning, were not taken. The reviewer also mentions that the painkiller prescribed did not work and that their tooth became crooked during the procedure. This comment highlights issues with pricing transparency, treatment quality, and potential lack of attention to detail.
Another negative comment raises concerns about the dentist's behavior. The reviewer claims that the dentist refused to perform a tooth extraction until they left a positive review. This comment suggests that the dentist may prioritize positive online reviews over patient well-being, which can be considered unprofessional and unethical.
In summary, the strengths of Orlando Smiles Inc appear to be their caring and friendly staff, as well as their ability to provide various dental procedures with positive outcomes. However, the weaknesses include a lack of communication and follow-up, excessive wait times, outdated equipment, cleanliness concerns, potential issues with pricing and treatment quality, and unprofessional behavior from the dentist. These areas need improvement to ensure a better patient experience.