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Cali Nails

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1511 81st Ave, Merrillville, IN 46410 United States of America
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Best WLM Reviews

I took my husband to get a foot massage and pedicure to Cali’s Nails for his birthday and this visit was not pleasant at all. I purchased the Milk and Honey Foot Pedicure for $50. My husband came back to the car disgruntled and I asked why? He pulled his shoes off and showed how the nail tech did such an unprofessional job on his feet! I went back in to speak with “T” (the owner of the nail shop) and he stated how the tech was done. I explained to him that his cuticles aren’t even done and he has old skin hanging from the side of his toes! His nails aren’t polished with a clear coat and for $50, I would at least think he’ll have oil or lotion applied to his feet and legs. I kindly asked if this could be fixed? “T” reached in his drawer, handed me $20 and said don’t ever come back again! I patronized his business for 6 months moving to this area from Chicago and referred three new clientele customers to his business. It’s a shame that I asked if this could be fixed and his resolution was to tell us to never come back. We weren’t disrespectful, irate or out of order and this was the FINAL resolution on how he (the owner) handled this! Please take your money else where because CUSTOMER SERVICE GOES A LONG WAY!
I have been searching for a great nail salon and Cali Nails is now my forever place. My gel nails look natural and nail tech did not hurt me once. Wonderful experience today, clean shop, I got a gel french tip. Well designed and has a dedicated receptionist that greets you and gets you signed in for the services needed. The experience is just as AMAZING as the first.
Cali Nails is very knowledgeable about manicure without ingrown toenails within a week of your manicure. The best pedicure experience I’ve had! I’m excited to recommend it to my friends and family due to their fantastic service and craftsmanship. They did an amazing job on my nails! They helped me get the exact design I wanted. This nail salon is gorgeous and very modern and clean.
Love Cali Nails and this salon would be my new position. Got a manicure and fell them so beautiful! I made an appointment but arrived really early and they were very accommodating. The salon is like home! Very detailed and truly care about their work.
I regularly do Cali Nails and the staff is very friendly. I got acrylic nails for the first time and they lasted so long! I received so many compliments. My nails turned our Amazing tonight. They was fast and I was able to get in and out without an appt during my lunch break.
Just moved to the area and looking for a nail shop to call home. I checked the reviews online and was very very happy to find Cali Nails. Staff and customers were super friendly, very relaxed atmosphere. They did a great job on my nails and my pedicure. I will definitely be coming back and highly recommend them if you're looking for a nail shop to call home
I walked in to get a manicure. They took me right away. They didn't make a face because all I wanted was a manicure. They made me feel very comfortable and welcomed.
Very satisfied with the results Cali Nails brings. The nail technicians did a very nice job on my manicure My nails came out very nice. I love the very wonderful job they did on my nails. Clean salon and the staff is welcoming and also very nice.

Quick Facts About Cali Nails

Cali Nails is a nail salon that has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the salon, these comments will be examined in more detail.
1. Skillful and friendly staff: Multiple comments mention the skill and friendliness of the nail technicians at Cali Nails. Customers appreciate their expertise in performing nail services and the positive attitude they maintain throughout the process. This is an important strength for a salon as it contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
2. Attention to detail: Several customers highlight the attention to detail exhibited by the staff at Cali Nails. They mention that their nails turned out beautiful and that the technicians took the time to achieve the desired design. This attention to detail is crucial in providing a high-quality nail service.
3. Clean and modern salon: Customers praise the cleanliness and modernity of Cali Nails. A clean and aesthetically pleasing environment is important for customers to feel comfortable and relaxed during their visit. It also reflects positively on the professionalism of the salon.
4. Accommodating and welcoming atmosphere: Several comments mention the welcoming and accommodating nature of the staff at Cali Nails. Customers appreciate that they are made to feel comfortable and valued, regardless of the service they are receiving. This creates a positive atmosphere and encourages repeat visits.
1. Inconsistent service: One customer had a negative experience with the quality of the foot pedicure service provided at Cali Nails. They highlighted issues such as unprofessional work, incomplete cuticle care, and lack of proper finishing touches. This indicates that there may be inconsistency in the skill level of the technicians or a lack of attention to detail in certain services.
2. Poor customer service: The same customer who had a negative experience with the foot pedicure also mentioned a poor customer service resolution. They were offered a partial refund and told not to come back, which is not an appropriate resolution to a customer complaint. This highlights a weakness in the way customer concerns are handled at Cali Nails.
3. Lack of specialized services: While customers generally express satisfaction with the salon's nail services, there are no comments specifically mentioning the availability of specialized services such as nail art or advanced nail treatments. This may indicate a potential weakness in terms of offering a diverse range of services to cater to different customer preferences.
4. Limited availability and walk-in appointments: One customer mentioned that they were able to get a manicure without an appointment during their lunch break. While this may be convenient for certain individuals, it could also indicate a potential weakness in terms of limited availability for scheduled appointments. This could result in longer wait times or difficulty in securing an appointment.
Overall, the strengths of Cali Nails lie in the skillful and friendly staff, attention to detail, clean and modern salon, and welcoming atmosphere. However, the salon seems to have weaknesses in terms of inconsistent service, poor customer service resolution, potential lack of specialized services, and limited availability for scheduled appointments. Addressing these weaknesses could help Cali Nails improve their overall customer experience and satisfaction.

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