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10511 Commerce St, Summerville, GA 30747 United States of America
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Took my daughter to have her nails done for the first time. They charged me for $45 for gel nails when in fact, she got regular acrylic and gel polish only! I paid $70 for one standard pink and white full set and a polish.
My sister and my niece went into this place the other day and it cost her $120 for her and her daughter (my niece) to get their nails and toenails done and honestly, A 3 year old cold have done better. I man done my nieces toenails and she said she wasn’t comfortable with that and I’m not sure why but she is 10. But her toenails look like a 3 year old done it. Then she said the woman that done her nails was rude as heck and the nails looked just as bad as the toenails did if not worse, the nail polish is all over the place, they didn’t push back the cuticles or clean the real nails or anything like that! I highly highly do not recommend this place because I have pictures I’m going to try to post if it will let me but I don’t see how y’all can get away with that or how y’all have as high of a rating as y’all do because I swear on everything I love that my niece is 10 years old and does a better job than what y’all done this literally makes sick!! I will be telling EVERYBODY and showing the pictures I’ve got.
They do amazing work and are always very nice.
If you make an appt, which they insist on, make sure you are on time to wait an extra half hour and be sure to make it clear as to what you want because they will not understand anyway. They are also rude about it when they do not understand what you want. Go figure. If have to drive to Rome or Fayetteville, it will be better than this. 3rd time is the last strike. No more.
Excellent service ❤️????
Courteous kind friendly and she said we all family. ????????????
Check them out????????
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ????????????????
The only place I get my nails done! Amy & Rachel are the Best!
They are so nice. Took my 4 yr old to get her fingers painted for her first day of pre-k. Not only was she amazing with her, she didn’t even charge us for painting her nails. She was just excited to talk to my daughter about starting school. I will always bring her up here. Her tip was probably more than the service, but my kid want stop smiling. Thank you.
It was a painful experience. They took the drill over my cuticles causing sores and an infection. The acrylic is lumpy and has bubbles. I got red tips with a black underline but the underline doesn't even touch the red on all the nails. When I left it felt like I had smashed my fingers with a hammer because they were so sore. Poor quality. After only a couple days they started going matte for some reason.

Quick Facts About Summerville Nails, LLC

Summerville Nails, LLC has both strengths and weaknesses, as indicated by the comments provided. It is important to consider all aspects before forming a comprehensive evaluation.
One of the strengths of Summerville Nails, LLC is their excellent work and friendly service. Customers have mentioned that they are always very nice and provide amazing work. This positive feedback suggests that the salon has skilled technicians who prioritize customer satisfaction. Additionally, the comment about the staff treating customers like family indicates that they create a welcoming and comfortable environment for clients.
Another strength mentioned is their willingness to accommodate young children. Customers have expressed that they were impressed by the way the technicians interacted with children and provided services free of charge. This shows that Summerville Nails, LLC values customer relationships and strives to create a positive experience for all clients, regardless of age.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses that have been highlighted in the comments. One common complaint is the issue of overcharging. Multiple customers have mentioned feeling deceived and paying more than they expected for services. This raises concerns about the transparency and pricing practices of Summerville Nails, LLC. Additionally, the specific comment about charging $45 for gel nails when the customer only received regular acrylic and gel polish indicates a lack of accuracy and honesty in their billing process.
Another weakness is the poor quality of the services provided. Multiple customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the outcome of their nail treatments. Complaints include uneven application, messy nail polish, and a lack of proper nail preparation (e.g., not pushing back cuticles or cleaning nails). These issues suggest a lack of attention to detail and a potential lack of training or skill among the technicians.
Additionally, some customers have mentioned experiencing pain and developing infections after their visits to Summerville Nails, LLC. The use of a drill over cuticles causing sores and infections is a major concern and indicates a lack of proper technique or sterilization practices. This is a significant weakness, as the health and safety of customers should be a top priority for any nail salon.
In terms of communication, there are mixed opinions. While some customers appreciate the friendliness of the staff, others have mentioned that there is a language barrier that results in misunderstandings. This can lead to disappointment and frustration when customers do not receive the requested services. The negative comment about the staff being rude when they do not understand the customer's preferences is also concerning and highlights a potential issue with customer service.
Overall, Summerville Nails, LLC has both strengths and weaknesses. They are praised for their excellent work, friendly service, and willingness to accommodate children. However, there are significant concerns regarding their pricing practices, poor quality of services, potential health and safety issues, and communication barriers. These weaknesses should be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience and reputation of the salon.

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