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St Vincent De Paul Society

+1 724-439-9188
70 N Mt Vernon Ave, Uniontown, PA 15401 United States of America
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Service options
  • In-store pickup
  • In-store shopping
Health & safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Safety dividers at checkout
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Quick visit
  • Cash-only

Best WLM Reviews

God is Good All the Time..They are a Blessing There to Help People Who Need Help
$25 minimum for a credit/debit card? In an era where no one carries cash? Also, this is not posted on their door. Only found out after shopping for 20 minutes and proceeded to check out with about 10$ of items. And at this particular store, it’d be hard to even find 25$ worth of items.
The gentleman helped carry the twin bed out to the car the lady that waited on us was very very nice and so is the young man he was very very helpful and the lady also was all right thank you and keep up the good work
This store just reopened yesterday. Today I stopped by to see what they had.
OH MY GOODNESS!!! They Have So Much Stuff!
In the past this place didn't have a whole lot to crow about.
But now! They have good stuff! And their prices beat Goodwill and Salvation Army by far!
Clothes shoes outerwear and household items and it's such a better selection than ever before.
UPDATE 03.01.22
Soooo..I am Still Thrilled with St Vincent's! They continue to offer more variety and better quality items.
I did notice that the price of some things has gone up a bit...that's no different than any retail store or other business...prices have increased every where. But if you know St Vincent's then you know that their prices were very low to start with.
I always buy more than I intended when I shop there. BUT....I put whatever I buy to good use....and it helps them to be able to help others.
SHOP ST VINCENT'S. It's a good thing. ❤♥️????❤♥️
Love it here!! Such nice people doing good for others. All donations go to helping others, either by selling or by handed out directly. Fabulous prices and great selection of items--highly highly recommend checking out, just not at beginning of month, very crowded then. Walker and wheelchair accessible but can be difficult at times. Donations accepted daily, will take most items. Also sells furniture, offers food bank and classes.
A nice place to shop thrift items. Better pricing than Goodwill but just about the same bunch of items for sale (clothes, books, records, shoes, home goods, etc.). The furniture section is way over priced for old, used items. They have a big selection left probably because there aren't many deals there. I needed a dresser for my daughter and ended up spending $80 bucks for it. The only reason I bought it was because she loved it. I also considered the purchase a good donation.
Regarding furniture store; It's great to finally have a place in the community that's there specifically for lower income families. After looking at the prices 2day.. I realized how sad that place is because I've seen new furniture scratches or a tiny imperfection cheaper than what she's pricing for used furniture for. Sad.. because it was specifically for underprivileged people!! Over the years I watched delivery men sale out of the back of the store.. n the prices of the items upon her own personal preference... sad! And the sales staff can be extra short & disrespectful
Great place everyone who works here is very nice and always helpful. They have a great thrift atore with very low prices and a good furniture store. The food Bank. Has people there that are always nice.

Quick Facts About St Vincent De Paul Society

The St Vincent De Paul Society is a charitable organization that aims to help those in need through their thrift store, furniture store, and food bank. Based on the comments, it is evident that the organization has several strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, many commenters appreciate the organization's mission and the assistance it provides to those who are in need. They view the staff as nice, helpful, and doing good work. This positive feedback indicates that the organization is successfully fulfilling its purpose and making a positive impact on the community. Additionally, the comments highlight that the prices at the thrift store are lower compared to other similar stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army. This affordability factor makes them an attractive option for individuals looking for thrift items. The wide selection of items available is also mentioned as a strength, particularly in comparison to the organization's past performance. The expansion of variety and better quality items makes it an appealing destination for shoppers.
Furthermore, the involvement in the community is visible through the acceptance of daily donations and provision of a food bank. The organization aims to assist others by accepting donations, which are either sold to generate funds or directly distributed to those in need. The food bank is appreciated by commenters, which indicates that it plays a valuable role in addressing food insecurity within the community. The positive experiences shared by individuals who have received assistance from the food bank promote the organization's credibility and reliability.
However, along with strengths, the organization also faces certain weaknesses. One of the main concerns raised in the comments is the minimum purchase requirement of $25 for credit/debit card payments. In an era where cashless transactions are common, this policy could pose an inconvenience to customers who rely on cards for payments. This policy might deter potential customers from completing their purchases, especially if they have a small number of items to buy. Not having this information prominently displayed at the store entrance is also mentioned as an issue, as it results in wasted time for shoppers who were unaware of the policy.
In addition, the prices of some items have been mentioned as a weakness. While prices inevitably increase due to inflation, commenters have noticed that the prices at St Vincent's have gone up. This rise in prices might make it less affordable for some individuals, especially those who rely on thrift stores for their daily needs. The furniture section is specifically criticized for being overpriced, which may deter potential buyers from making purchases.
Moreover, there are some concerns about the sales staff's behavior. Commenters mention instances of the sales staff being short and disrespectful towards customers. Such behavior can have a negative impact on the overall shopping experience and may discourage customers from returning to the store or recommending it to others.
In conclusion, the St Vincent De Paul Society has several strengths and weaknesses based on the feedback provided in the comments. The organization's mission and the assistance it provides are highly appreciated, and the thrift store is recognized for its affordability and variety of items. The acceptance of daily donations and provision of a food bank also contribute positively to the community. However, there are concerns about the minimum purchase requirement for card payments, price increases, overpriced furniture, and the behavior of sales staff. Addressing these weaknesses could further improve the organization's overall performance and customer satisfaction.


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