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Royal Nail Lounge

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2838 Chapel Hill Rd, Douglasville, GA 30135 United States of America
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First time going to this place and i was mesmerized soon as i opened the door to walk in the decor , the set up and all around Cleanliness of it was amazing. The staff is very polite , i got a pedicure and gel french manicure someone worked on my feet and nails at the same time, it was quick and done perfectly you get what you pay for and it was worth every penny i love this place
This salon is terrible. Their staff is ridiculously rude. I find it sad that they are so comfortable with cracking jokes about someone spending 100. The one man was the worst. I will never return and will make it my mission to affect their sales. A lack of human decency is not ok. I am paying your bills and you want to act that way. I am on a mission to spread the word. Good luck. These two are the culprits!!
Today I had a (1) nail repair, polish change and she add a little glitter polish to 2 fingers (nail art $5). According to the brochure the price should have been $5 for nail repair, $10 polish change.
Ok so let's do the math: Nail Art $5.00 + Polish Change $10 + Repair $5 = $20.00
I paid $30 for this service......somehow the math don't add up. So there's your tip Tommy and Lily.
I will Not be back. This is wrong all the way around.
Well came back again this will be last time just rude. Rushed my pedi then what gets me the prices change every time it's something different. I didn't know you get charged an extra $5 to take off ur polish once you get a pedi. It's not ok but I won't be back. I work to hard to feel like this establishment can say and act in a disrespectful manner. I left out out with no polish and a awful pedi. John have a nasty attitude I wish I could have gave 0 stars. I left without getting my nails polished the energy was off I would never return
I have to admit I’ve been to a couple around town and they are very standoffish and rude. I’m new in town and this was my first trip to the salon. I found it to be a very pleasant experience. Everybody was very friendly and helpful. They did a great job on my nails and the prices were very acceptable. I will definitely be going back.
I went there for a simple manicure. I’m not a regular at getting my nails done so this was my first time going in a 8 mos to a year. All was well until I had to go in for a fill in. I was told that I would have to have the nails that they did removed and get a full set. I decided to just remove the nails myself and found nail fungus under the acrylic from under the set that was done at this nail salon. Go at your own risk.
Definitely 3 stars for the ambiance and decor. Great color selection. The wait was like 20 mins up front. I was place in a chair and waited another 25 mins. However, my feet did need that good soak. Not impressed with the treatment, which was the deluxe for $50 but the products weren't the best. My lady did a good job but my mom wasn't impressed with the guy she had. Id think I will go back and it sucks because the place is beautiful and clean.
Nice atmosphere!! Great service. I miss Kelly here. Jon does my nails and Tammy does my toes!! Great work!!

Quick Facts About Royal Nail Lounge

Royal Nail Lounge has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, the decor and cleanliness of the salon are highly praised. The atmosphere and ambiance are described as beautiful, and the cleanliness is emphasized as amazing. This suggests that the salon pays attention to creating a visually appealing and hygienic environment, which is crucial for a nail salon.
Another strength mentioned is the politeness and friendliness of the staff. Customers appreciate the staff's professionalism and find them to be polite. This indicates that the staff members are trained to provide good customer service and create a positive experience for the customers.
Efficiency is another strength mentioned. One customer states that they received a pedicure and gel french manicure at the same time, and it was done quickly and perfectly. This suggests that the salon values efficiency and can provide services in a timely manner without compromising quality.
The quality of the services provided is also highlighted as a strength. Customers mention that their nails were done perfectly and that they got what they paid for. This suggests that the salon has skilled technicians who can deliver high-quality nail services.
On the other hand, there are a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One recurring issue is rude customer service. Multiple customers mentioned encountering rude staff members, such as cracking jokes or having a nasty attitude. This indicates a lack of professionalism and can create a negative experience for customers. Rude customer service can result in customers feeling disrespected and deter them from returning to the salon.
Inconsistency in pricing is another weakness mentioned by a customer. They were charged more than what was expected based on the brochure's prices, leading to confusion and dissatisfaction. This inconsistency in pricing can create distrust and leave customers feeling cheated.
Another weakness mentioned is the risk of potentially unhygienic practices at the salon. One customer discovered nail fungus under their acrylic nails, which raises concerns about the cleanliness and sanitation practices of the salon. This can severely impact the reputation of the salon and discourage potential customers.
In terms of the service itself, there are mixed reviews. While some customers are satisfied with the job done on their nails, others express disappointment with the products used or the quality of the treatment. This suggests a lack of consistency in delivering a satisfactory experience for all customers.
In summary, Royal Nail Lounge has strengths in terms of its decor, cleanliness, polite staff, efficiency, and quality of services. However, there are weaknesses in terms of rude customer service, inconsistent pricing, potential hygiene issues, and mixed reviews on the quality of services provided.

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