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Crystal Nails Edina Minneapolis

+1 952-831-1765
3349 Hazelton Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55435 United States of America
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Best WLM Reviews

I don’t know why I torture myself and keep returning. My manicure doesn’t even last 3 days. The staff is nice, but I would not recommend the manicures. Terrible and not worth the $ !!!
They were super nice!, offered me something to drink while It Definitely retreat was waiting and during the time they were doing my nails. I definitely regret not tipping more for sure. Will be going back!
What I liked, after my call, they made me a manicure on the same day.But the tools that the master worked with were not properly disinfected, only the nail file and buffer were new, which I asked them myself.The work was done without gloves, that I didn't like it either, I can show my manicure in the photo. The salon itself is not in a clean state.
I really liked this place! We went as soon as they opened as first timers and it was clean and the staff was friendly! Kim did a great job on my no-chip manicure, the attention to detail she has was really nice. And for the price, you can’t beat it!
Best pedicure hands down. I’ve been coming here for years and they take extra care to listen to your requests. I have a bum toenail from running and they’ve made it look and feel like normal with acrylic tip so I don’t need to hide my feet anymore.
I’ve brought my family and friends here very frequently for a relaxing time. I decided to write a review, because of a lot of the recent 1 star reviews that are written.
I’ve been a long time costumer. I can say that this place is top notch in Edina. People are complaining about someone picking up the phone and feeling that there is an inconvenience with it. Well, this world we currently live in is short staffed. They never had a front desk staff member and from what I recall, I have yet to see many nail salons with someone working at the front desk.
I’ve always had a great experience here whether it is a manicure or pedicure. I’ve also always spoken up if I felt that I wanted my foot scrubbed harder and have never had any issues. There is a HUGE variety of gel colors or even dip powders. I’ve also had Andy take the time to draw so many designs on my nails as well.
I always have a great experience here and it's affordable.
Amazing gel tootsies and LOVE love LOVE my pink and white acrylics!!!!!

Quick Facts About Crystal Nails Edina Minneapolis

Crystal Nails Edina Minneapolis has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. It is important to note that these comments represent the experiences and opinions of individual customers, and may not necessarily reflect the overall quality of the salon.
Starting with the strengths, several customers mentioned that the staff at Crystal Nails Edina Minneapolis was friendly and provided good customer service. One customer even mentioned that they were offered a drink while waiting for their nails to be done, which enhanced their experience. The attention to detail mentioned by a customer indicates that the nail technicians take their time and strive for quality results. Additionally, the salon offers a wide variety of gel colors and dip powders, allowing customers to choose from a large selection.
Another strength highlighted by a customer is the quality of the pedicures. It is mentioned that the salon takes extra care to listen to customer requests and has successfully addressed specific issues, such as a damaged toenail. This demonstrates the skill and expertise of the staff at Crystal Nails Edina Minneapolis when it comes to pedicures.
Affordability is also mentioned as a strength of the salon, with one customer emphasizing that they always have a great experience and find the prices reasonable.
On the other hand, there are some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer expressed disappointment with the durability of their manicure, stating that it did not last even three days. This suggests a potential issue with the quality of the manicures provided at the salon. Another customer mentioned concerns regarding the cleanliness and hygiene practices at the salon. They noted that the tools used by the nail technician were not properly disinfected, and the lack of gloves during the service was also a point of concern. The overall cleanliness of the salon was also mentioned as a negative aspect by this customer.
Furthermore, there were comments regarding the lack of front desk staff and difficulties in reaching someone by phone. While one customer defended the salon, stating that many nail salons do not have front desk staff, it is worth considering that this could lead to a less streamlined and organized experience for customers.
In conclusion, Crystal Nails Edina Minneapolis has both strengths and weaknesses, as indicated by the comments provided. The salon is praised for its friendly staff, attention to detail, quality pedicures, wide selection of colors, and affordability. However, there are concerns regarding the durability of manicures, cleanliness and hygiene practices, and the lack of front desk staff. It is important for potential customers to consider these factors and weigh them against their preferences and priorities when choosing a nail salon.

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